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UHASB® Upflow Hydrolysis Acidification Reactor

UHASB® ferments, and decomposes insoluble, and soluble long-chain organics which are difficult to degrade into short-chain soluble organics through anaerobic hydrolytic bacteria, and acidizing bacteria, so as to improve the biodegradability of sewage; ammoniates organic nitrogen, inorganic, and organic phosphorus. It is set at the front of the process to ensure the safe, and stable operation of the following treatment system, reduce the difficulty of treatment, and reduce the operation cost of the system.

Through the unique water distribution system, the hydrolysis acidification sludge expanded bed, and sludge granulation are realized, and the integrated high-efficiency sludge water separation can be completed at the same time; through the unique complex bacteria, and enzymes, the reaction rate of hydrolysis bacteria, and acidification bacteria is improved; through the inhibition of toxic substances, the reaction efficiency of hydrolysis acidification is ensured; through the precise control of the reactor, the biochemical reaction is adjustable controlled.

• Improve the biodegradability of sewage, and save the operation cost;
• Ensure efficient nitrogen, and phosphorus removal of following system;
• Strong impact resistance, and tolerance;
• Low operation cost, and less excess sludge;
• High strength mud water mixing in all directions;
• Sufficient, and uniform high-density sludge expanded bed to prevent sludge loss efficiently;
• The water distribution system is anti-blocking, stable operation, and long service life;
• Intelligent adjustable circulation system, real-time control;

Application scenario
• Industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, and industrial park wastewater;
• It can be made into a vertical structure of pool or tower body to the new construction or transformation project of sewage plant;